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Entrance Protocols

  •  Screening of all staff and children prior to entry, including a temperature check 

  •  Drop off will be staggered to avoid mingling between classes

  •  Hands washed upon entry

  •  Teachers will meet children outside to ensure parents and other visitors can remain outside the facilities


Social Distancing

  •  Teachers and students remain within their pod—classroom with a maximum of 10 children 

  •  Outdoor times staggered to ensure no mingling of pods

  •  Separate bathrooms assigned for each group

  •  Classes separated into groups when possible, particularly during meal time

  •  Distancing of sleeping cots and cribs


Cleaning & Sanitizing 

  •  More frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all areas, particularly those with high touch use

  •  More frequent rotation of toys to allow for cleaning

  •  More frequent hand washing

  •  Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes provided for outdoor use

  •  Sanitizing bin for used toys in each classroom

  •  All mouthed toys will be placed in a mouthed toys bin and disinfected daily



  •  Training of staff in the new protocols

  •  Signage in school reinforcing the new protocols



  • ​Gloves used when handling food and when changing diapers


Containment Plan

  •  All sick children and staff isolated immediately

  •  No return to school without testing/medical guidance

  •  Coordinate with health officials for possible classroom or school closure

  •  Parents notified immediately of potential exposure

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